Pernik Region of Bulgaria Review

Pernik Region of Bulgaria Review

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Pernik Region Bulgaria

The Pernik Region in Bulgaria has a population of approximately 133,500 inhabitants. The Pernik Region of Bulgaria is located in the South-Western part of Bulgaria. The major city and administrative municipality for the Pernik Region ofis Pernik town. There are six municipalities in the Petnik Region.

The Pernik Region always has 4 seasons. The summers are warm but not hot, while the winters are very cold. The autumn is warm and the spring quite breezy with quite a bit of rain. Foehn winds are typical during the autumn and spring. The Pernik Region of Bulgaria will have a relatively large number of foggy days during any year.

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Pernik Town

The town of Pernik is located primarily in the lowlands along the Struma River. It has a population of approximately 81,000 inhabitants. Besides having an awkward agricultural experience – caused by spring coming late and autumn coming early – Pernik Town is rich in manufacturing facilities with natural resources of coal and limestone. The main farming output is rye, maize, potatoes, barley and lentils. The town of Pernik lies on one of the oldest trade routes in the Balkans.

Dam Lake Pchelina Pernik Image

Dam Lake Pchelina Pernik

In the river valley of Struma River there are 56 artificial lakes including the vast dam lake of Pchelina. The Pchelina dam lake has a beneficial effect since it stops most polluting agents. The decrease in manufacturing production in the country is contributing to a decrease in water pollution.

The largest percentage of the Pernik Regions of Bulgaria’s inhabitants reside in Pernik town where employment is available. Older generations remain in the country areas attending farms and raising animals for food supplies. In the Pernik Region of Bulgaria females out-number males.

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