Kardjali Region of Bulgaria Review

Kardjali Region of Bulgaria Review

Kardjali Park Image

Kardjali Park

Kardjali Region of Bulgaria lies in the eastern Rhodope Mountains. The Kardjali Region of Bulgaria has been divided into 522 villages that make up the regions 7 towns. The largest town is Kardjali which is also the administrative municipality of the Kardjali Region of Bulgaria. Population approximates 60,000 inhabitants.

The town and the Kardjali Region of Bulgaria are famous for their lakes and white water rivers. Kardjali dam is the second largest lake in Bulgaria that runs some 28km in length. Its wall (at 100 meters) is the

Kardjali Lake Image

Kardjali Lake

highest in the Balkans. Anglers, kayakers and boatmen have made the lakes and rivers of Kardjali Region of Bulgaria famous. The deep forests of the Kardjali Region attract hunters from all over Bulgaria and abroad. The Kardjali Region of Rhadapy is the only habitat for the white headed vulture and the black stork.

The Kardjali Region of Bulgaria climate is moderate bearing temperatures slightly higher than the average Bulgarian temperatures and it has at least 200 sunny days annually. This mild climate is great for the vinyards for which the Stambolovo and Lvaylovgrad areas are very famous in the production of first quality Merlot and Cabernet wines.

Kardjali Fish Image

Kardjali Fish

The region boasts great archeological sites which keeps tourism booming year-round. The ancient sanctuary of Tatoul and the stone city of Perperikon are of great importance.

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