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Just a few words about Bulgarian Properties For Sale. If you would like more information about Bulgarian Properties For Sale feel free to post a reply asking your questions below.

Bulgarian Properties For Sale is not a new entity. The partners have been buying, selling, refurbishing and re-building properties in Bulgaria for several decades. Bulgarian Properties For Sale is a partnership consortium having many happy clients and as far as we know, no unhappy ones. There is no project too big or too small for our staff to take on. At Bulgarian Properties For Sale we specialize in bringing projects in on a timely basis and far cheaper than one can imagine. While most of our clients are from foreign countries we have participated in many a project for Bulgarian citizens. Bulgarian Properties For Sale offers a full and complete housing solution having builders, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, brick layers, interpreters, lawyers, accountants, archetects and other professionals on hand to handle just about any client need. If you just need a roof repaired or floor laid we would be happy to accept your work. Need a complete renovation, Bulgarian Properties For Sale are the choice you should consider. We know the Bulgarian climate and its changing weather conditions and make certain the materials used for your project will withstand changing climactic situations.

In addition to these skills, Bulgarian Properties For Sale also provide a sale or resale facility. Unlike most others in our field, however, we don’t like to just sell you a property and move on. We specialize in being able to provide our clients with a finished product at reasonable costs. Many non-Bulgarians look to purchase in Bulgaria because of the low overhead costs (monthly electric bills are generally under £50.00 and most can dine well for a small weekly outlay). Most, however, are on budgets. One said recently, “I have a budget of £20,000 and want to move into a finished home”. We found a property that client liked, agreed to the roofing, electric and water set-up for the building, which walls should be removed and what type of flooring was wanted. We also agreed on the kitchen to be installed, the bathroom design and other matters. This client will be arriving to move into their finished home next month, September 2011, and the agreed completed price was, yep, you guessed it, £20,000.

New kitchen, bathrooms, floors, walls, insulation, water and electric hook-up, flooring; a complete rebuild! Most purchasers will buy a home, following which they decide to start changing things. Want a different kitchen? Don’t like the colour of the walls? That’s when budgets get crunched! Our clients get it delivered just the way they ordered it. No changes needed! No budgets disrupted!

If you are in the market for a new home (holiday home or year round dwelling or just an investment) make sure to visit Bulgarian Properties For Sale first. Ramble through our pages and visit us often. Since this is a new website listings may be slow to appear, but shortly BulgarianProperties4Sale.com’s pages will be full of bargains. You will also find current information about Bulgaria on our site so you can get a better feel for the country and its culture. Need help or assistance, or just need some answers to a few questions, our sales staff would be only too glad to assist.

With BulgarianProperties4Sale.com you get just what it says on the tin…

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